Company History

The company STROS – Sedlčanské strojírny, a.s. was founded in 1960. We are one of the key producers of comb/pinion elevators worldwide. We employ over 200 associates. 

History of STROS

1960 – STROS company founded
1963 – Launching of Work Platforms PP series and construction hoists NOV series
1967 – Finishing of production hall H
1968 – Changing of trade name to STROS – Sedlčanské strojírny, n.p.
1974 – Building-up of FEAL, subsidiary for light prefabrication. Biggest investment in history of STROS
1993 – Privatisation of the company, breaking up of the company into 3 independent companies STROS, spol. s r.o., FEAL, spol. s r.o. and Sedlčanská stavební, spol. s r.o.
1994 – Changing of the trade name to PEGA-LIFT, spol. s r.o., launching of new series of NOV for South East Asia
1997 – Cancellation of unsuccessful privatisation, transition to State Property Fund. Changing of trade name to STROS – PEGA LIFT – F, spol. s r.o.
1999 – After a public bidding the government owned company is bought by a private owners, company PNP Praha
2000 – Reclassification of the company, return to the original name STROS – Sedlčanské strojírny, a.s.
2000 - 2016 – Reconstruction of production halls, purchasing of new technologies, development of business strategies, etc.

Company Profile


Our in-house development department is constantly striving to improve various elements of our products so that we are able to face all the challenges that are placed hoists, elevators, walkways and platforms. The operation of our products becomes even safer, more efficient and cost-effective.