Industrial Elevators

Permanentní výtah - Croke Park, IrskoRack and pinion industrial elevators are an integral part of a wide range of industrial facilities. STROS elevators are highly regarded worldwide as quality equipment engineered and manufactured for reliability and longevity in harsh industrial environments.

STROS elevators are individually customized to meet the specific needs of a project and requirements of a customer. Long standing engineering experience, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and use of first class components and materials is what accounts for superior quality and longevity of the STROS product.

Elevators supplied for hazardous environments come in ATEX or NEMA explosion-proof designs.

STROS Elevators Perform Well in the Following Environments:

  • Dusty – cement plants, mines, coal plants, grain manufacturing, and silos
  • Humidity - marine industry, mines, and service shafts
  • Hazardous – refineries, chemical plants, oil rigs, and silos 
  • Aggressive – naval ports, power plants, potash mines and chemical facilities
  • Extreme temperatures – tropical, as well as arctic locations with temperatures up to -40°C (-40°F)

STROS Elevators are Primarily Designated for:

Industrial Applications

Industrial elevator - Croke Park, Ireland Service or special purpose elevators have become an integral part of many industrial facilities. Both owners and users are aware that not only do they enhance staff efficiency and comfort, but they also improve safety and help save overall facility operation costs


Hazardous Environments

Průmyslové výtahy ve skladišti ropy - Bučany, SR
STROS elevators can be supplied in ATEX or NEMA designs to ensure safe operation in the rated environments of refineries, hazardous substance storage areas, mines and other hazardous locations. 


Dusty and Abrasive Environments

Průmyslový výtah v cementárně - Mokrá, ČRHarsh industrial environments call for precise engineering and fabrication of all elevator components to ensure a reliable and long performance. STROS elevators are built this way.


Corrosive Environments

Servisní výtah pro kontejnerový jeřáb - New Iberia, USAAggressive chemicals found in some industrial facilities, or exposure to humidity or salt water environments adversely affect the life of any equipment. To ensure a long and reliable performance, STROS elevators are built with superior materials & components and durable surface finishes with extra emphasis on protecting any and all sensitive electrical parts.

Industrial elevators