Material Hoists

Nákladní výtah, nosnost 3200 kg
Material hoists bring a cost effective solution of vertical transportation of materials on a construction site. Material hoists help to massively increase productivity and safety, thereby saving time and money. STROS hoists are highly regarded in the industry as quality equipment engineered and manufactured for reliability and longevity. 

We deliver standardized models as well as customized hoists to meet your the specific requirements and needs. STROS hoists are engineered for ease of usereliabilityincreased safety, and long life span.  A key feature is that the hoists are manufactured utilizing only high tensile steel of European origin, providing superior reliability. Another feature is that STROS hoists have a regenerative lowering device which extends brake life.

  • Load capacities up to 3275 kg (7200 lbs)
  • Lifting heights in excess of 350 m (1150 ft)
  • Lifting height can be increased in jumps as the building increases in height
  • Cage width 1.5 m (5 ft) and lengths from 3.2 to 4.2 m (10’-3” to 13’-6”)
  • Driven by powerful motors mounted inside or above the cage
  • High speed hoist models available with speeds of up to 100 m/min (330 fpm)
  • Fabricated from European “high tensile” strength steel
  • Quality non-proprietary components
Material hoists in construction industry
Kombinace nákladního a stavebního výtahu - "DUO"
Very efficient and affordable option is an attractive combination of material hoist with a standard construction hoist on one pole. This gives you the possibility to transport people and materials with significant financial savings.
Material hoists in industrial plants
Průmyslový nákladní výtah
In addition to applications in construction, material hoists can be successfully used for transportation of materials in industrial plants. For this purpose we supply hoists in the corresponding execution of customer requirements, including the requirements of ATEX and NEMA standards for use in explosive environments.


Safety Features

To maximize safety, STROS hoists are equipped with motor brakes, a mechanical safety device, limit and safety switches, and multiple electrical safety redundancies.
Our material hoists achieve world-class and reliable safety features in most countries. The best technology and materials, superior performance and unique possibility of individual solutions are invaluable factors that ensure excellent working conditions.
Our material hoists are equiped with: mast parts, anchors, cable trolleys for high altitude platforms and other equipment (specific equipment depends on the specifics of the order).
For our material hoists the following security features are commonly used:
  • safety device KZ3, KZ5 - Geared for speed models - the entire safety device structure is the result of our own development with TÜV certification
  • lock car doors
  • blocking storey door
  • door blocking the basic protections
  • door limit switch
  • limit switch on the top floor
  • limit switch at the base station
  • emergency limit switch
  • emergency switch
  • limit switch catcher
  • safety hooks
  • optical sensor crest
  • bumpers
  • brake motors

Hoist Components

Components typically supplied with our hoists include mast sections, wall ties, cable trolley, base enclosure, and landing gates with configurations customized to client specifications.

Alulift 200 - small material hoist

Malý výtah Alulift 200Special category of material hoists - very flexible, light and aluminium made - Alulift hoists with load capacity up to 200kg for material transportation at construction sites and smaller construction projects, where there is a necessity of cheap and fast transport material to high levels.

Why STROS Hoists and Elevators

STROS construction hoists are world renowned and perform reliably in many countries and in extreme weather conditions worldwide.  Continuous research and development, excellently equipped production facilities, first class components and materials, and an individual approach to customer needs are factors that contribute to the outstanding performance of our product.

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