Special and Atypical Elevators

Speciální výtah STROS - mobileUtilizing over half a century of engineering experience, STROS rack and pinion lifting equipment can be customized to meet the specific requirements and needs of our customers. STROS elevators are highly regarded worldwide as quality equipment engineered and manufactured for reliability and longevity.

High profile customers of STROS elevators include the Royal Canadian Navy and the United States NASA, as well as major power generating and industrial plants across the world.

STROS elevators are designed for harsh rugged environments.  STROS is the only rack and pinion elevator designed and engineered for temperatures up to -40°C (-40°F).

Special elevators by STROS

  • Mobile elevator (travels sideways on a hydraulically driven and controlled chassis)
  • Atypical freight elevators
  • Reverted elevator for mines and underground shafts (with base station at ground level and mast “erected” downwards)
  • Elevators with automatic doors
  • High capacity elevators
  • Large and atypical cabin size elevator
  • Elevators with asymmetrical center of gravity
  • Inclined elevators
  • Elevators or construction hoists installed on a curved wall with automatic platform leveling (e.g. for cooling towers and bridges)
  • Explosion-proof elevators for hazardous environments
  • Elevators with special finishes coping with extremely aggressive environments

Why STROS Elevators and Hoists

STROS construction hoists are world renowned and perform reliably in many countries and in extreme weather conditions worldwide.  Continuous research and development, excellently equipped production facilities, first class components and materials, and an individual approach to customer needs are factors that contribute to the outstanding performance of our product.

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