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WP 3000

Maximal load capacity 3000kg / 6600lbs
Max. platform length - pr A 11,2m / 36‘–9“
Average speed with load 8,5m/min / 28fpm
The WP 3000 work platform finds its application especially in the construction industry for assembly, painting, maintenance and other work. It can be equipped with a steerable undercarriage to move around the construction site. The WP 3000 has both powered and rear axles.
The drive of the actual platform is provided by electric motors fitted with pinion gears. The platform moves up the mast, which is identical to the mast of the NOV series. The driving force is transmitted by the pinion-rack transmission. The steel structure of the chassis and the center of the platform is protected by a two-component coating system, the other parts are hot-dip galvanized.
The platform can be used as a free-standing or anchored to the building.
Maximal load capacity 3000kg / 6600lbs
Maximum platform length one mast design A 11,2m / 36‘–9“
two mast design B 26,13 m / 85‘–8 ¾“
Average speed with load 8,5m/min / 28fpm
Average speed without load 13m/min · 42fpm
Platform width + extension C+D 1,6 + 1 m
5‘–3“+3‘–3 3 “
Engine power under load 100% 3×2,2kW / 3×3HP
Max. height of freestanding platform 22m / 72‘
Max. height of anchored platform 150m / 490‘
Voltage system 3 NPE ~ 50 Hz 400 V/TN–S 3 NPE ~ 60 Hz 480 V
Work platform WP 3000
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