Construction hoist NOV 3646

MAX. HEIGHT 350m / 1150ft
MAX. LOAD 3.600kg / 8000lbs
SPEED 90m / min / 300fpm
Construction hoist NOV 3646
The NOV 3646 building lift has a lifting capacity of up to 3.6 tonnes, a maximum height of 350 meters, and a transport speed of up to 90m / min. and has engines up to 3x 22 kW. The elevator is controlled by a joystick or buttons, or can be equipped with a keyboard for direct floor selection. This lift allows the operation of two cages on one mast.
Construction elevators are an efficient and safe way to transport materials and people on construction sites. Our products represent the market leader in this field.
The main reasons for success and popularity of our products are: long lifetime and excellent durability of lifts thanks to first-class materials and components, use of a number of safety features, modern advanced technologies, continuous development, high performance and last but not least.
Type NOV 3646 UP F5 NOV 3646 UP F7 NOV 3646 UP F9
Internal dimensions of the lift 1490 x 4500 x 2400mm
4'10 11/16'' x 14'9 1/8'' x 7'10 1/2''
Standard door clearance 2000mm / 6'6 3/4"
Lift capacity 3600kg / 8000lbs
Maximum lift speed 55m/min / 180fpm 70m/min / 230fpm 90m/min / 300fpm
Engine power 3 x 15kW / 3 x 20HP 3 x 18.5kW / 3 x 25HP 3 x 22kW / 3 x 29HP
Frequency converter 90kW / 120HP 110kW / 147HP 160kW / 215HP
Rated current [400V / 480V] 150A / 135A 180A / 164A 234A / 206A
Starting current [400V / 480V] 225A / 202.5A 270A / 246A 350A / 310A
Main protection [400V / 480V] 150A / 150A 200A / 175A LCIG 250A / 225A
Recommended fuse connection [400V / 480V] 175A / 175A 225A / 200A 315A / 250A
Counterweight - - -
Masts BH, S, (H in the shaft) BH, S, (H in the shaft) BH, S, (H in the shaft)
Max. lift height 350m / 1150ft 350m / 1150ft 350m / 1150ft
Possibility to operate two elevator cages on one mast yes yes yes
Control Joystick / Buttons / Keyboard Joystick / Buttons / Keyboard Joystick / Buttons / Keyboard
NOV 3646 NOV 3646
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