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STROS aims to improve the living and working environment and save energy and resources. The process involves renovating buildings to reduce energy consumption, revitalizing the surrounding environment, innovating production processes and technologies, and developing new and more efficient products.

An innovative way of powering an elevator using battery energy storage, developed specifically for lifting applications. A modern device that reduces energy costs while providing sufficient power to elevators in places where it was not possible before. It can meet the demands of contemporary fast and high-performance elevators without the need for expensive high-current electrical connections.

It stores regenerated energy. Thus, the energy generated in the down direction is not wasted. The modular concept makes it possible to connect multiple battery storage units and power a larger number of elevators in the system. The regen unit combined with the battery pack make it possible to recycle about 60 % of the energy used to move the hoist (elevator) in the up direction.

When going down, elevators equipped with energy recuperation units can recover up to 60% of the energy used to lift the elevator car. Elevator operating costs are therefore significantly reduced. Energy recovered by recuperation can be stored in the battery storage for later use. Recovered energy can be returned to the power grid or used to power other equipment on site. Elevators without recuperation converts energy generated in the down direction into heat in the resistor banks. Adding a recuperation unit to older elevators is comparable in price to buying a standard resistor bank.

Adaptive current limit (ACL) makes it possible to use high-performance, high-load elevators where adequate power supply is unavailable. ACL optimizes the use of the power supply connection depending on the current load. The power consumption of the elevator is directly proportional to the in-car load and the speed of travel.

In the up direction, the control system dynamically adjusts the speed of the elevator depending on the current load. In the down direction, the speed remains unrestricted regardless of the current.

The current limit value is set in the user menu in the elevator PLC according to the available power supply capacity (fuse values of the power supply connection).

Model: NOV 515 F3

A battery powered elevator is connected to a battery on the elevator car. The battery is charged at the base station from 230V/16A or 110V/15A mains. The elevator does not have a trailing cable and it uses battery power when going up. When going down, the recuperation unit puts energy back into the battery. This saves about 60% of electricity costs.

The absence of a trailing cable reduces accident risks in high wind areas and makes installation easier and faster compared to a cable-powered elevator. Thanks to its low energy consumption, the elevator can be operated in an “island mode“ with a renewable energy source.

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